Quixosis – Untide

Quixosis is an electro-acoustical project by Oakland, CA musician Daniel Lofredo Rota. Untide is a sonic exploration of haunting moods and (at times) hopeful curiosity. The electronic elements are used sparingly and very delicately mesh with the acoustic performances. The result is an album that sounds very organic at the surface, but has immense depth and a slight surrealism that lends to a very rich, and somehow personal experience.

We added virtually the entire album to the OEM rotation library, but some of our favorite entries are Strange Rendezvous, Bellringer (a wonderful dub), and Richter Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

Untide is available at bandcamp for (name your price or) free. Go pick it up.

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David Last – Early

We’re back from an extended family leave to welcome our son Asa into the world! We’ve also got a healthy load of new music on the station to highlight for you.

Our first entry is called Early from our old friend David Last who has released his first full length LP since 2005′s The Push Pull. In between the two releases, David has stayed busy touring and putting out singles, many of which fall into the dub techno realm.

Early displays David’s quirky rhythmic steez with down- and mid-tempo beats, but with a whole new spatial sense in the instrumentation. Songs not to be missed include Weird Pleasure, Bolts into the Dawn, and Honey Version.

Here’s a set of short promo clips from the label:

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Bluetech – Spacehop Chronicles Volume 1

Bluetech’s Spacehop Chronicles Volume 1 EP is out! This is the first new material out from Bluetech since last year’s Dreaming Into Being, a conceptual departure from his usual tight funky dub jams.

This Spacehop Chronicles EP is the first of several coming crowd-funded self-released EPs. Evan’s decided to eschew the traditional label-release model in favor of direct funding by his fans. It seems to have worked, because people poured donations in to make this EP happen.

We are stoked in particular because this  will be the first release from Bluetech available on vinyl!

You can get downloads, or limited edition CDs and vinyl at Bandcamp.

Check it out:

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Introducing: Ali Khan

http://alikhan.bandcamp.com/album/awakening-in-slow-motionWe’re very happy to introduce you to an artist who inconceivably hails from the Canadian Prairies. Ali Khan crafts majestic music and we’ve become enamored with his work lately. His most recent release, Awakening in Slow Motion is a mostly ambient affair that includes two 22+ minute pieces (which were not included in OEM Radio library due to length, but are quite spectacular). In August of last year, Dewtone released his EP entitled Zen Flashcards, which contains 4 tracks of stunning ambient dub-techno. The song Inazuma in particular seems like an homage to Yagya’s Rhythm of Snow.

This is the best kind of headspace music and a welcome new addition to OEM Radio. Awakening in Slow Motion and Zen Flashcards are both very reasonably priced..take a listen and support this wonderful music.

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Special Broadcast SATURDAY: Premiere from I AWAKE

OEM Radio and Ultimae Records are happy to bring you a special broadcast THIS SATURDAY which will premiere the new EP from Swedish recording artist I AWAKE entitled Tierra.


The EP will broadcast in its entirety at these times Saturday/Sunday:

8am San Francisco (Saturday) / 5pm France (Saturday)
10am San Francisco (Saturday) / 7pm France (Saturday)
12pm San Francisco (Saturday) /9pm France (Saturday)

5pm San Francisco (Saturday) / 2am France (Sunday)
7pm San Francisco (Saturday) / 4am France (Sunday)
9pm San Francisco (Saturday) / 6am France (Sunday)

I AWAKE has established his lush rhythmic sound on the label with a previous EP, LP and recent appearance on Mahaine’s Oxycanta III compilation.

We hope you enjoy this special premiere!



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The Bear and the Sea – Trees Like You

We just discovered this little jammy from Portland which vacillates between a low-calorie Boards of Canada sound and something else we can’t quite put our finger on. The result is a really pleasant straight-through listening album: rough-hewn beats, soaring melodies, and reverbed pads.

For s0ngs that really harken to an older BoC sound, see Astronaut Sun, Platypus Yo, and Wistful Algae Break. Other notable songs include Crystal Swords and our favorite, Stardust in Your Lungs.

This is a free/name your price release.

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Life in a Box – Holon

Pleasant little single here from French artist Life in a Box. An ambient affair that gives you a serious forest-vibe with an aimless melody drifting over a subdued drum beat. The flip is a remix by Sk’p that clocks in at just over 9 mins, extrapolating heavily on the original rhythm and drawing out a lot of the ambiences for a unique take on the song.

Free download or donation via bandcamp from Enig’matik Records:

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