The Bloom Series Vol. 3 Parts 1 & 2

We’re embarrassed to say that we slept on these great compilations from Muti Music for a couple of months. The Bloom Series is a documentary series that chronicles the diverse cultural tapestries found in transformational festivals. More than just music & art events, these festivals have grown a very rich set of subcultural elements. Muti Music stepped up to craft the soundtracks–with impressive results. In each comp you’ll find a wonderful range of music from artists including: Plantrae, Birds of Paradise, Kaminanda, Whitebear, WALA, Heavyweight Dub Champion, and many more. We pulled our favorite tracks to add to the library. Go check out both comps:

The Bloom Series Vol. 3 Part 1

The Bloom Series Vol. 3 Part 2

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Down 4 Life: A eulogy for Rodman Williams (LUX)

We are extremely sad to hear that Rodman Williams (also known as LUX) has passed away.

Rodman was a unique and continually staggering human being. He was immensely talented, disarmingly weird, but he could also be infuriating to work with–standing up commitments and being generally and intensely flighty–he often worked against his own self-interests. He was well known for no-showing sets but when he did turn up, he was simultaneously the celebrated hero of dance floors and the sworn enemy of sub-woofer bass bins (and unaware promoters who owned their own sound gear). If you wanted to work with Rodman, you had to step into his world–and he made no apologies for it. But this was all part of his charm.

We spent several years working with him to get his music released with the hope that a major label would pick him up and take him to the next level. At the time, during his long creative peak, he was truly poised to take over and make a major impact worldwide. We helped him self-release his first LP and EP (entitled Down 4 Life and Booty respectively) through the Fake Science mp3 store, which would become the #1 and #3 all-time top sellers on that site. This is the only material he ever officially released; however, there is a veritable treasure trove of his music floating around the internet.

We are very proud to have been a part of his journey, but extremely sad that it has come to an end (on Earth, at least). As a tribute to Rodman–his spirit and his music–we have put the tracks of his that we have into the high-rotation queue on OEM Radio—where they will remain in perpetuity.

You can still pick up the Down 4 Life LP via Addictech: right here.

A Facebook memorial site is located here. It contains a lot of wonderful photos, stories, remembrances, and links to his music and videos of his performances.

Rest in peace, Rodman.

Here are some other artifacts to check out…

An assortment of LUX tracks and remixes:

Full live set from DownLow, a sunrise outdoor party at Toxic Beach in SF in 2005 (thanks to Alexander for this one):


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Check out Bluetech’s Kickstarter…

The thing that really caught our eye is the FIRST EVER BLUETECH VINYL PRESSING. Also, he’s going to release some awesome new music.

The longer story is that Bluetech is crowdfunding his next series of EP releases called The Space Hop Chronicles. For several years now, Evan has sought out alternative ways to finance his releases outside of the “record label” mechanisms (such as they are).

Definitely check out the video, the music samples, and consider contributing towards the beginning of what sounds to be an amazing series of releases!

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OEM on g+

Anyone on Google Plus?  We are now!

Circlefriend us or whatever!

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transient – Chiquesalunga

Our man transient is back with another free netlabel release on Phonocake records. This dude is just pumping out tight, fun down/mid-tempo tracks from the east coast in his RV mobile studio. All of the music on this release was written and composed in the woods on a tablet computer. We added two of our favorites for the OEM Radio library: Once When, and Stuffing Stocker.

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WOAH: Tune in right from the OEM Blog! (and other awesome stuff)

oem-logo-gradient1400x1400x72We’ve moved the blog to a new service which allows us to put radio players ANYWHERE. You can now tune in right from the top of the blog page.

PLUS, check out the RECENTLY PLAYED LIST page! You will find the last 8 tracks played, and links to purchase (or download for free, where applicable) the music!

It’s a wonderful world!


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Oxycanta III from Ultimae Records

Mahiane has put together her third brilliant ambient electronica compilation, Oxytanta III. She spent months meticulously cultivating this delicate and wonderful selection of songs from label stable artists Scann-tec, I Awake, Aes Dana, and Mitek as well as newcomers Mer-A, Lars Leonhard, Fingers in the Noise, and Muridae. Through her compilation building as well as label management, Mahiane has really pushed the label into new territory; remolding it from a 2000′s psychedelic downtempo trance outfit into a label with a broad taste for nuanced electronic listening music.

Our favorites on the album are the entry from newcomers Lars Leonard and Fingers in the Noise:

Here’s the full album streaming from Bandcamp:

And the album video teaser:

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