Other Spectrum – The Higgs Boson

The Higgs Boson EP is the June release from Cut Records, and is here to remind us that drum-and-bass is a highly evolving and cyclic genreform. DnB seems to pop back up like a mutated gopher every few years with a new take on rhythm and attitude: sometimes it’s dark, or funky, or smoothed out, or just strange. However, Other Spectrum’s EP gives us a more spacious offering of expertly crafted DnB to contemplate.

Cut Records, you may well remember, is the digital record label with the super-inexpensive subscription model (USD$2/month!) that brings you music by under-the-radar producers from all over the world. We’ve been paying subscribers since the beginning, we highly recommend it.

Tor – Blue Book

The most remarkable thing about Tor’s newest album is how complete it is–both in composition and sound design. Blue Book is the latest release from Loci Records and shows evidence of a jazz performer’s sensibilities: intricate rhythms with full, resounding bass. Nothing about these songs is staid, and it sounds like he’s really just making it up as be’s going along.

Our favorite track might be Days Gone. Overall, a wonderful full-length you can spin from start to finish.


Set In Sand – WHTVR

We’re a little embarrassed that we never got around to writing a post about Set In Sand’s 2014 album, What is This Placewhich has been in rotation on OEM Radio for over a year. We’re making up for it with this post about his newest EP, WHTVR. Whatever? WHTVR is a solid update to SIS’s busy staccato rhythmic sound.

Set In Sand is also the proprietor of Abandon Building Records which is home to Random Rab, Koloto, Edamame and lots of other beautiful and strange music.




Jhon Montoya – Iwa

Jhon Montoya is a Columbian composer and violinist based in Italy. His newest full length, Iwa, seamlessly blends traditional rhythms, indigenous vocals, an updated electronic music sensibility. The result is remarkable and unlike anything we’ve ever heard before. You truly must listen to this record straight through.

Plaid – The Digging Remedy

Plaid is back after two years with The Digging Remedy. The boys from London do not disappoint with another extremely diverse offering of songs. What can be said of a record from a band that is known to mint masterpieces?

Do Matter kicks off the album with a gives a John Carpenter-style opening. Several entries have instrumental performances on flute or guitar (Lambswood, The Bee, Held, and Wen) that round out the bands rhythm-driven, melodic synth-forward ditties. Overall, we have to say that we dig The Digging Remedy a little harder than their last outing, and that Melifer might be our favorite track.

The Digging Remedy is available at a number of online outlets: