The Digital Connection – Chasing the Midnight Sky

Ok, one last one from our first raid on the more recent end of Gravitas Recordings catalogueChasing the Midnight Sky is a downtempo album with wonderful performances on keys and guitar woven into an array of rhythmic experiments. Our favorites on this record are Embrace the Sun and Brave Moon.

Another great free/name your price release. Go grab it.

CloZee – Revolution

Another recent release from Gravitas Recordings from French artist CloZeeRevolution is a wonderful EP that makes us a little weepy because how well the songs are constructed; they unfold like little stories. CloZee offers you extremely adept rhythmic programming with syncopated drums (perhaps pan-Arabic/African at times) and enveloping bass. The sound is crisp and well layered, but never overwhelming.

Another great free/name your price EP from Gravitas.

Esseks – Bad Cartoons

We were introduced to Gravitas Recordings last Summer. They have built a strong catalogue of releases on the name your price/free model, which we consider to be the interitance of the netlabel movement of the late 90’s/00’s. They work with next-generation bass music, so a lot of it doesn’t sync with OEM Radio’s sound, but everything they put out is certainly well put together.

One of their newest offerings is from Esseks called Bad Cartoons. We dig this record because it’s weird and quirky bass music that lives closer to hip-hop than dubstep. Our favorite tracks are Bowser, All Over Now, and Elevated. Just take a listen. And download it for free/name your price.

Two new joints from Cut Records (Laktic & Moduleset)

Cut Records finished 2015 strong with two releases that we really dug. Cut’s subscription model (USD$2.00/month, still worth it!) supports a wide cast of international artists you’ve never heard of. Subscription gets you access to the entire catalogue (40 releases), which is certainly work the price of admission.

Laktic – Awakening EP. An amazing 4 track deep but traditional dub affair that’s heavy on the bass and reverbs.

Moduleset – Form LP. A more ambient dub entry that provides throbbing bass and a lot of aural spaciousness. Full LPs are rare on Cut, and this one delivers strong.

Two joints from transient (beat.dowsing & Harmonic Defiance)

It’s good catching up with old friends. Carl Martin aka transient aka beat.dowsing aka Harmonic Defiance (and others) has two new entries into the OEM Radio library (though in truth, he has a raft of great free music to grab).


Harmonic Defiance – Language of Light, a neat little EP full of minimal techno movers with micro-editing reminiscent of Akufen (circa 2002), though a little more laid back as is c.martin’s style. This is a new moniker for transient, which means a new approach to song style and groove construction. We really dig this one and hope he’ll put out some more music on this tip.








beat.dowsing – washed.out – transient brings back the beat.dowsing moniker along with its peculiar, minuscule, and (dare we say) cute grooves.







Pick both up, along with others, free at his blog site, Noisy Vagabond.