Sysyphe – The Cities of the Silver Trees

This one surprised us when it came in because we haven’t really heard a lot of good music in the “psychedelic dub / psychedelic chill” genrespace in a while. Sysyphe is the programmer for the downtempo wing of the psychedelic trance Hadra Records based out of France. The Cities of the Silver Trees is a well balanced record that doesn’t stray off too far into crunchy psychedelia or ambient synthesizer soup. It’s not overbearing nor weak-kneed. It sounds good because it’s not trying to be anything in particular. It’s just a pleasant journey.



Heathered Pearls – Body Complex

New one from Ghostly International by Heathered Pearls out of Brooklyn. The Body Complex LP is chock full of pretty minimal techno (we’re going to start calling this stuff tiny techno) with an almost-pop sensibility interspersed with some adept purely beatless ambient interludes. There’s a remix EP on the horizon, and we’re hoping to get our hands on it soon.


Options include vinyl, collectible vinyl, CD, and MP3.

Synkro – Changes

New full-length LP out from Manchester’s Synkro with more masterful post-dubstepgarage on Apollo Records. If you’ve been into his work (having just come out of a year or more secretly producing seriously weird, hard, and abstract techno with Indigo as Akkord) and listened to his earlier Acceptance EP, this album gives you the sense he’s shed genre tropes and really transcended into his own realm.

Changes is a wonderful album and a 100% straight-through listen.