Various Artists – Subtextures (Interchill Records)

Interchill strays into new territory with Naasko (who’s always way out in front of what’s new and sounds good) leading you by the hand with his new compilation Subtextures. This record features a completely new cast of characters to the label bringing a fresh set of post-dubstep bass music. This is a really surprising compilation that defies a casual listen…you’ll hear something new and striking each time you give it a spin.


Hypha – Hypha

West Coast Bass music is vibrating dance floors every weekend, but very little of it makes good listening music. Hypha is a great example of a producer who makes music for dancefloors as well as headphones (or streaming radio stations). Muti Music smartly snapped up this guy two years ago and put out an EP that we loved as well. This LP release is also rare in having a varied range of styles and tempos from slow-and-drippy whomp-dub to double time (something)-step