Build Buildings – A Generation of Books

It’s only partially true that we were introduced to Build Buildings as the bump-music on this podcast. His new album is out on Audiobulb Records, a UK outfit dedicated to releasing exploratory music. A Generation of Books is chock full of what sounds like field-recorded sounds that have been microedited into pleasant little rhythmic ambient numbers. The results are quite unique, and expressing of a range of moods.

Take a listen…

Cut Recordings comes out for LGBT

A message from DFRNT and Cut Recs…


A Response To Ten Walls
Support for LGBT Community in light of his recent anti-gay rant.

In light of the past day’s events surrounding the artist Ten Walls (Marijus Admoaitis) and his anti-gay rant, I’d like to try and do something positive. Cancelling Mario’s shows and dropping him from lineups is one thing, and despite making an example, it doesn’t seem to me like a tangible positive step towards support for the LGBT community.

With that in mind, for the next month, I would like to donate 50% of all Cut Records’ subscription money to the Stonewall charity.



(We’ll have info on their two latest releases next week)