Kalya Scintilla – Open Ancient Eyes

Solid new album out from Australian psy-hop-whatever extraordinaire Kayla Scintilla. This release displays a marked movement towards organic elements, but Kayla’s bread n’ butter bass warbles and crisp rhythms are still in evidence. The download comes with a fully mixed abum version for seamless enjoyment and underscores the storytelling arc of the music.

Versa – Blues EP

July’s release from Cut Music is a deep dub stunner with entries across the tempo map from half-time to midtempo dub-techno.

Versa’s Blues EP can be purchased for $3, or for $1/month you get access to the entire catalogue plus a new release every month. We’re enthralled with just about every month’s release on their subscription service and highly recommend it.  We don’t mind shilling for Cut because we love the music and happily pay for it every month.

Live set by David Last (stream & download)

Amazing live set performed by our man David Last at False Profit’s Priceless 2014 Summer campout event.

For the third installment of Radio Mesa we are very pleased to give you this live recording from Mr. David Last. Specially crafted for the annual Priceless Festival in California, this set is a carefully composed journey that is full of surprises yet always maintains that signature Lastian production style. Enjoy!

1. Night Loop (Priceless Version)
2. Rio Contento (David Last Remix)
3. Untitled / Marché
4. Weird Pleasure (Frisky version)
5. My Funny Valentine
6. Night Loop II (Psilosamples Remix Remix)
7. Night Loop II (D Numbers Remix)
8. Honey Version (Progress Version)
9. Progress & Perseverance (David Last Remix)
10. Little Colored Blocks (David Last Remix)
11. Base 07 (Potrero Got U Version)
12. Blessed Up

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