Radio Ultimae is back online!

As many of you know, we also run and manage Radio Ultimae, which streams music exclusively from the Ultimae Records catalogue. We took it off line when we had to move streaming servers, but the label has recommitted to the station, so we are happy to tell you that it’s back up!

Ultimae’s catalogue includes 64 releases since 2001. They have etched out a particular sound that has certainly evolved over the years, but stays true to its cinematic and spacious sound. Their dedication to this sound makes their catalogue a non-stop mellow head-trip when mixed together and streamed. Radio Ultimae features songs from the entire catalogue as well as entire albums that are mixed together. Usually we can’t even tell the difference.

Here’s some tune-in instructions:

iTunes > Music > Internet > Ambient > Radio Ultimae



Or for non-iTunes users:

There will be a web-based player soon…stay tuned!

Sean Piñeiro – Saved Once Twice

Saved Once Twice is not doomed to the typical trappings of heavily sample-based music—namely derivativeness. Sean Piñeiro has created an interesting and compelling work comprised of 14 little vignettes that range from haunting to wistful. The production sounds like it blends a lot of clever techniques, and at times sounds almost like a maximalist version of Murcof.

The LP comes out on June 23 on Christian Löffler’s Ki Records. Enjoy a couple of cuts from the album below: