Invisible Allies – Conversations with Bees

Invisible Allies (Kilowatts + Bluetech) is back with a full length LP entitled Conversations with Bees. The album is mixed together for a cohesive listening experience, carrying you from one movement to the next.

We are hearing a lot of noteworthy things beyond the stellar composition and sound design that marks both Kilowatts’s and Bluetech’s solo work. Bees features a lot of organic instrument performances: violin, flute, tabla, a little bit of horn, and a light dash of (ethereal) vocal work.  (We swear there’s some Fender Rhodes in there, too).

What is truly remarkable about this new album is the shift in sound. The duo’s first EP, Hyperdimensional Animals was a convergence of each artist’s established sound. Bees truly sounds like a new animal: transformed and distinct from either Bluetech or Kilowatts.

Take a listen:

Motionfield – Under the Stars

I thought we had caught up with Motionfield’s releases a while back, but we recently found this album from 2009 had slipped our notice.

Under the Stars is a very tranquil affair and sounds pleasantly reminiscent of one of our favorite ambient albums of all time, Optical Flow. This album is not unlike an afternoon picnic in the clouds: beautiful pads, ambient swells, slow rhythms, driving rhythms, something for everyone really.

Liquid Stranger – Renegade Crusade EP

Liquid Stranger is back and stranger than ever. The Scandinavian dub fanatic comes at you with 5 new twisted, mystical, and oddly compelling jammies. We’ve always enjoyed Liquid Stranger’s take on psychedelic dub, which is to say he keeps it weird and experimental but always musical. The Molecule Man (Remix) has to be the serious mind-fucker, but we were especially taken with a 2 minute interlude called Brace For Impact, which features both a beatboxer and female vocalist (both of which are exceptionally rare on OEM Radio).

The Renegade Crusade EP is available from Interchill Records. You can stream the entire EP below…

Here is the video for the single The Gargon:

Plaid – Reachy Prints

Oh man, our recent addition to the Warp Records promo service list has paid off again BIG TIME. Reachy Prints is Plaid’s 10th album in 25 years, and we got our hands on it for the OEM Radio library!

What can be said about Plaid? Their work is masterful and superlative. They are planning a US tour thankfully, so catch them live. We hear their visual show is unbelievable.


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Tipper – Forward Escape

Tipper has gone and done it again. This man’s work stretches the bounds of our mediocre vocabulary, but rest assured, Forward Escape features wonderful grooves, sticky beats, pretty melodies, and superlative sound design.

There’s seriously nothing else to be said, just listen to this amazing record below (or in HEAVY ROTATION ON OEM RADIO), then go buy the shit out of it.


I dare you to name something else that will make your life more enjoyable one hour at a time.

Ok….Let’s not get crude here, people.