Christian Löffler – Young Alaska

Not sure where to file this one because “minimal techno” doesn’t give you the full picture. Released this week, Young Alaska is filled with gorgeous minimal thumpers. Like Recondite, Christian Loffler has the ability to take the sparse “minimal techno” structure and fill it in with rich, warm ambiences and soft melodies. Sprinkled with the judicial use of vocals (see All Comes and Notes), Young Alaska displays a full sound that is aesthetically pleasing but filled with motion.

Young Alaska is released by Loffler’s own Ki Records. You can get it at BeatPort or iTunes Store.

All Comes:

Introducing: Quanta

OEM Radio is very pleased to have recently made the acquaintance of an especially talented psychedelic dub producer. Quanta hails from Cornwall, UK (homeland of our friend and ambient maven, Ishq) and was introduced to us by way of Enig’matik Records. We consider Quanta’s work to be a distinct benchmark in the psychedelic dub arena.

His sound has a very techy crispness that we really haven’t heard before. Organic instrumental elements are spread throughout but are driven by dripping, crystalline psychedelia in the rhythm section. Steady beats keep your body moving while the bass and melodies take your head to that space.


Vibratory Fields is his most recent release on Enig’matik, but he also sent us music from his 2013 self-released EP Dream Before You Sleep, as well as his earlier release on Addictech called Beneath the Surface.

Streaming players are below… Enjoy!





Lars Leonhard – Burning Clouds EP

Ultimae Records brings you another lovely 3-track EP from German minimal dub artist Lars Leonhard. We’ve always been fans of ambient dub, and Ultimae has found a real treasure with Leonhard. This EP gives us the sense of Pole’s minimalist dub clicks-n-whirs combined with the spacious, cinematic sound Ultimae is known for.

Wonderful release at the price of €2.


Quixosis – Untide

Quixosis is an electro-acoustical project by Oakland, CA musician Daniel Lofredo Rota. Untide is a sonic exploration of haunting moods and (at times) hopeful curiosity. The electronic elements are used sparingly and very delicately mesh with the acoustic performances. The result is an album that sounds very organic at the surface, but has immense depth and a slight surrealism that lends to a very rich, and somehow personal experience.

We added virtually the entire album to the OEM rotation library, but some of our favorite entries are Strange Rendezvous, Bellringer (a wonderful dub), and Richter Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

Untide is available at bandcamp for (name your price or) free. Go pick it up.

David Last – Early

We’re back from an extended family leave to welcome our son Asa into the world! We’ve also got a healthy load of new music on the station to highlight for you.

Our first entry is called Early from our old friend David Last who has released his first full length LP since 2005’s The Push Pull. In between the two releases, David has stayed busy touring and putting out singles, many of which fall into the dub techno realm.

Early displays David’s quirky rhythmic steez with down- and mid-tempo beats, but with a whole new spatial sense in the instrumentation. Songs not to be missed include Weird Pleasure, Bolts into the Dawn, and Honey Version.

Here’s a set of short promo clips from the label: