Random Rab – Release

It’s always a special treat to get our ears on a new Random Rab release. In fact, this one is called Release. Rab is really quite a special artist: multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer. As usual, we’ve only pulled the instrumental songs for the OEM Radio library, but the entire album as yet another stunning piece of work. Beautiful downtempo songs with lush instrumentation and exceptional composition. These aren’t just tracks, they’re truly songs with incredible depth that convey powerful emotions. We’re not really sure how he does it, we’re just glad he does.

Take a listen below, and don’t sleep on this one, people.

Looking back on Boards of Canada…

boc_collageGetting on the Warp Records promo list is paying serious dividends. The label is reissuing the a chunk of the Boards of Canada catalogue on 140 gram vinyl next month. We received the teaser sampler promo, so we’re taking the opportunity to pilfer all of our favorite BoC songs for the OEM Radio library. While we’re primarily concerned with the seminal Music Has the Right to Children, we’re pawing through everything: Twoism, In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country, Trans Canada HighwayGeogaddi, and The Campfire Headphase.

This is an unmitigated victory for IDM-nerds everywhere. We are with you.

Head over to the BoC reissue site for info and links.

Raygun Ballet – Big California

Raygun Ballet is back with their sophomore LP Big California. There’s a lot in here, and the album reads like a story with a real arc to it. Expect mostly downtempo songs with delicate (but deliberate) rhythms, but at times something from left field, maybe even a slow lurching funk beat. The artwork, odd selection of samples, and wide array of sounds give us the impression of a strange genius at work.

Our favorite entries are Manzanar and On Finding True Color Part II. Check out Legacy in Glass which will give you a true feel for the unique work Raygun brings to the table:

Ambinate – When Tell EP

Ambinate is our newest artist-crush. We are really into the way he crafts somber (but not depressing) and spacious ambient downbeat pieces. He’s really something.

Fluorescent Records just released his newest EP last month for free, so you can download it from Bandcamp FOR FREE.

It’s almost like they’re paying you for this amazing music.  How is that even possible?

Here are a couple of streamable tracks to get a super quick listen if you’re seriously too lazy to just go download it at our suggestion.

(But go get it anyways)

R.I.P. Piekoz (aka David Piekos)

7190464Piekos is one of the artists who has been in the OEM Radio library from the very early days (2003). Sadly, we recently learned of his passing a few months ago. His first album, Narrativestructurez: What I Should’ve Done in What I Thought Was Maryland, is still a masterpiece to our ears. Ten songs from this album are STILL in the OEM Radio library, having survived the annual library pruning 11 times.

Piekoz was a master at crafting songs that are moody, offbeat, and contemplative. He was also a rather prolific photographer.  We had the pleasure of meeting him once during his short stint in San Francisco. He will be missed by many, and his music will live on here on OEM Radio.  Peace, David.

Please enjoy the entirety of Narrativestructurez: What I Should’ve Done in What I Thought Was Maryland, streaming below, and as a free download courtesy of the Piekos family.



Alucidnation – Aural Architecture

We’re very lucky that Interchill Records sent us something new recently. We’ve been listening to some extremely angular music lately, but Alucidnation’s new full length LP is rich, warm, and full of smooth analogue sounds. The album is chock full of deft performances on keys and strings (both guitar and bass, we believe) mixed with the aforementioned analogue synths and pads.

Here’s the opening song courtesy of Interchill’s soundcloud page.

This album is available via Bandcamp and other fine retailers.

Hypha – Murmurs

Muti Music has put out a tight little EP that is making us reconsider West Coast bass music. The problem we’re having with most of the bass music coming out is the lack of structure. A lot of it feels like they’re just throwing a shitload of throbbing bass and noises at the wall just to see what sticks. We call this splatterbass music. On the other side is the stuff with mega-throb bass with synchronized lead stabs with 8-bit game noises. We call this nitrous Atari-hop.

While Hypha’s work here still has a bit of the old throb n’ stab (yes, you just read that), the pacing is deliberate and even leaves room for the listener to hear the music—not just feel it. We are thoroughly digging the instrumental tracks on this EP, take a listen:

This EP is available from Addictech and other fine retailers.