Thank you to the donors!

Thank you very much to the folks that have donated towards the cost of the new web player!

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It’s wonderful to hear from people from all over the world who enjoy OEM Radio. This has been our pet project for 12 years, collecting music that we like directly from artists and labels to stream for you.

We are still accepting donations towards the cost of the web player. We’re just over 50% of the way there.  Thanks for your consideration!


More new music coming up this week…

Sven Laux – Mud Up, Mud Down

Sort-of recent release from Berlin’s microtechnofunk artist Sven Laux on the Alt Recordings netlabel. Features four tight jams firmly in the click-house genre but with enough weirdness to keep us interested for 6-7 minutes per track. These are bouncy little numbers.

We’re trying to get more of his work, which he describes as “micro composition” and is spread across many labels (Dewtone, Unfoundsound, Archipel, etc.).

You can stream the tracks at the Alt Recordings page, take a listen

We’re still accepting donations towards the cost of the web player.  Please consider pitching in a few dollars!


Marco Madia – Music for Plants

Dewtone Recordings is a small Canadian outfit that releases a pleasant selection of ambient and IDM-ish albums. Several are “name your price” (or free), which makes it real easy to fall into the label’s charms.

This nameyourprice/free release caught our attention with its strangely sublime ambient works. Slightly reminiscent of Robert Rich’s Bestiary, this may be the flora answer to Rich’s sonic fauna.

Four strangely compelling songs make up this EP, added lovingly to the OEM Radio ecosystem.

We are still trying to raise donations towards the cost of the new web player.  Please do consider a small donation. We really appreciate your support.


Marconi Union & Jah Wobble – Anomic

We’re back and happy to present you with some new music added to the OEM library recently…

One of our favorite ambient artists has teamed up with the prolific bassist Jah Wobble (perhaps known to heads for his work with Bill Laswell) for an extraordinary meeting of ambient and dub music. Jah Wobble’s bass work is unmistakable and drives ambience of Marconi Union’s intricate rhythms and ambiences. MU’s work here is a bit more angular than you may be used to hearing from them, and Jah Wobble’s deep bass lines push the band so much further into dub territory. The blending of styles makes the album overall a slight departure from the band’s work to date, but is highly recommended and a welcome addition to the OEM Radio library.

The MP3 album is under $7.00 from Amazon. Quite a deal.

Also, we’re still accepting donations towards the cost of the new web player.  Please do consider a small donation. Every dollar helps, thank you!


Web player is BACK!

Thanks to the hard work of Darren @ Shoutcast and the folks at Wavestreaming, we now
have a functioning web player!

We are trying to offset the cost with some donations, so please consider sending $1 – $5. The annual fee for the web player is $100, so we’re not trying to raise any more than that right now.  Thanks for your consideration!


Poll: would you support OEM Radio for a few $’s?

Hello folks,

Our question is this… (see below for details)

This is just a poll to get a general feeling, this poll does not obligate you to anything, and we’re not logging any other data.


Our server-troubles of late have got us thinking of moving to a paid Shoutcast host. For the last 12 years, our bandwidth has been silently sponsored by a large media company for whom we are eternally grateful. They have upgraded their servers and the changes have broken our web-based player, which most of you use. We’ve reached the end of the line as far as we can rightly bitch and moan about free bandwidth.

For 12 years we have been running OEM Radio on the good graces of  two media companies (both paying for various aspects of our bandwidth) and the artists and labels who create and distribute the music. This has always been a zero-dollar effort (no money in, no money out). The station has always aimed to broadcast underexposed music to a wider audience, serving both the artists as well as the listeners who enjoy the music. Now we would be shifting it to a zero-profit venture to cover these costs…


It will cost us about $450.00 per year to move to a paid host with all the web-based player bells and whistles we’re used to (not iPhone/Android apps, however…That’ll cost more).

We are only interested in fundraising the cost of hosting the stream, no more.