OEM Radio is back! (sort of)

OEM Radio is broadcasting again and available via Shoutcast.com or the iTunes Radio Directory (under Electronica)!


The web-player and Facebook player are still broken.  Also, the stream doesn’t list the current or recently played tracks.  We’re working on all of this. Stay tuned.

Tipper undergoes open heart surgery (you can help)

Dave Tipper, an electronic musician beloved by many, recently sent out a message to appeal for donations towards medical costs for open heart surgery.  The text is below.  You can pre-order a digital EP of VIP mixes of some of his music–100% of the proceeds go to Tipper (thanks, Addictech!)  We just ordered a copy today.

Tipper’s music has been lodged in the OEM Radio library for several years (especially the Surrounded album).  Please consider this simple act to help for a man who has given us so much joy over the years.  We wish him a speedy recovery.

June 4, 2013
“In 17 hours from now i have to undergo open heart surgery. (I am very scared.)
In an attempt to lessen the blow of medical costs from this major procedure, i am releasing an EP of ‘VIP’ remixes that i’ve been playing in my live sets over the last couple of years. My good friends at Addictech.com are hosting the release and are forgoing their percentage, so that 100% of the money from your purchase goes towards helping me out.
There is also a paypal donation address (openheartdave@gmail.com) if you feel like contributing more.
My intention is to bounce back from this stronger than ever, but regardless of what happens from here on out, i’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years. It’s been a pleasure serving you all.”


Catching up with: Loscil

We are embarrassed to say that we have not kept up with West Coast Canadian ambient producer Scott Morgan, aka Loscil.

Loscil produces a unique blend of ambient and dub: his sound is awash with slow pulses, clicks, and brooding pads and melodies. We have added special selections from three of his releases in the last several years: PlumeEndless Falls, and Sketches from New Brighton.

Enjoy some of these amazing pieces

Dub for Cascadia

Container Ships


Fifth Anchor Span



Shallow Water Blackout

Hastings Special

There are many, many more.  Just hit Youtube and search for Loscil.

Edamame – Silhouette EP

Edemame hails from Chicago, an unlikely source for fun and interesting downtempo…His bandcamp page simply states, “hi, i’m Ed, and i like to make beats.”

Slightly reminiscent of Bonobo, the Silhouette EP has plenty organic elements and surprising rhythmic structures that keep you hooked. This album is free/Name Your Price. Check it out.

The player below contains all the songs from the EP.

Edamame also has a new album out last month…

Project e.l.f. – Trouble

Very happy to bring you new music from an artist we haven’t heard from in several years. Project e.l.f. has been in the OEM Radio library for 5 years or more. Quite simply, these two guys are making the music that we wish Autechre had continued making after 1999.

But seriously, these guys are holding it down for the late-90’s IDM faithful. With staccato beats and warm melodies backing up machine tweaks, digital distortions, and saw waves, every track is like hearing future retro music. Project e.l.f. is basically unwilling to call it quits with pure machine music, and look to innovate with composition instead of technology.  We dig that, so take a listen.

The player below contains all the songs from the album. Hit play and let it spin, or you can click the next button to track through the album.