DFRNT – Fading

DFRNT is the man behind two of our new favorite labels: Cut Music and Echodub Records. Turns out he’s also a frighteningly talented producer.

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, DFRNT works within an impressive array of styles: dub techno, spaced-out house, ambient dubstep, and other not categorizable sounds. Fading is his first LP release, and it covers a lot of territory. We grabbed most of the tracks for the OEM Radio library.  Rather than sully the music with a weak attempt at description, just take a listen.



Here’s the only full song on Youtube we could find (but only representative of one particular sound & mode on the album…check out the whole thing)

V/A: Depth Charge (Interchill Records)

Interchill Records is back with a new compilation featuring sounds from across the spectrum: dubstep, jazz, glitch, and good old fashion dub. A wonderful addition to the OEM Radio library.

Fantastic entries from the usual suspects like Liquid Stranger, Hibernation, Spiral System, and the surprising return of Legion of Green Men (LoGM – Canada’s best kept secret). The compilation also features a whole host of newcomers like Occult (perhaps our favorite track – Loose Change), Kaminanda, and a down-home roots dub JAM by Roots in Session.  Also sprinkled with a couple of gritty ambient-dubstep songs, this is another display of the label’s wide musical taste—so we salute Naasko and Andrew for putting this one together: willing to take a few risks, unwilling to drop a bland compilation.

The player below contains all of the songs from the album.  Press play and let it spin, or hit the Next button to track forward…

Catching up with: krill.minima

We lost touch with Martin Juhls over the last couple of years, but are happy to bring you some selections new to OEM Radio.  Juhls’s krill.minima project moniker has been putting out deep, clicky ambient dub music for many years—including releases on Native States, and Thinner Records.

His most recent effort Sekundenschlaf is a masterpiece with deep dubs and swimmy ambiences you can really get lost in.  Here’s an 18 minute album sampler, but also find youtubes below:

Also, check out Urlaub Auf Balkonien, a free release on the sadly-defunct Thinner Records.  You can still grab this one for free at this download link.

Kronen Dab




Mamor (Dedub)

New Artist on OEM Radio: Asa

Asa will be a familiar name to bass-music  fans, but is a new and bizarre addition to OEM Radio. Along the lines of Eskmo but even stranger, Asa is firmly planted in the dubstep realm, but also creates a lot of gripping ambient-dubstep, future garage, and other music that, frankly, we can’t begin to describe.

Pushing the outer boundaries on the OEM Radio sound, we’d like to introduce you to some of Asa’s freely downloadable music. Although we got a little choosey with the tracks for the OEM library, the breadth of work here is impressive.

All of these EPs are free downloads, but you can donate.  The Bandcamp players contain all of the tracks, so hit play and let them play through.

Bits and Pieces

Withdrawl EP

Sweeter Things EP

You can hear much more of Asa’s work at his Soundcloud page.

Synkro – Acceptance

A beautiful and interesting EP release on Apollo Records from Synkro. Not really sure where to place this music in terms of genre (always a good thing), but it contains elements of ambient, future garage, and the polyrhythms of IDM with some beautiful guitar performances.

Here is a soundcloud set that contains 3 minute samples of the EP:

New Artist on OEM Radio: Auma

Enig’matik Records is a great hybrid label/netlabel that releases nearly two-thirds of its music for free (with donate options). A clever business model response to a shifting landscape in the music industry.

We found this gem in their catalogue from Auma and added all 4 tracks to the OEM Radio library. Delicate but also spastic, these songs contain floaty melodies that explode into strange funk rhythms.  Fun and unique, enjoy…

Bandcamp player contains all of the tracks on the EP. Click play and sit back through the whole thing, or use the track-forward button.

Introducing: Echodub Records

Sister label to our new favorite netlabel, Cut Music, Echodub is another output channel of DFRNT and his wide stylistic predilections. Echodub primarily puts out digital EP releases, but also has a number of FREE EPs and compilations.  We went crate digging through the free releases and found some ambient-dubstep and other experimental gems.

Click on the album covers to download.

Akema – Whispers EP

king slaFF – Loss Leads to Greater Loss EP

Echodub Loves vol.2 (Various Artists)

Anechoic Chamber (Various Artists)

Anechoic Chamber Remixed (Various Artists)

The label’s for-pay output is fantastic too, please support the artists that make this music available.