Catching up with: Kalpataru Tree

Kalpataru Tree has been in rotation on OEM Radio since 2007 with his first album, Scattered Fragments of the Eternal Dream, an amazing dub album with KP’s own guitar and bass work interweaved with deep, dreamlike psychedelia.

We’re happy to bring you up to date on Kalpataru Tree’s work since that debut album.  There’s not much to say in words about the individual songs or albums, just take a listen and let the music wash over you.

All bandcamp players below contain multiple songs. Hit play and let them spin, or use the track-forward buttons.

Slipped Through the Cracks



And a fully remastered version of his debut masterpiece, Scattered Fragments of the Eternal Dream

April Soundcloud Mix

Enjoy this somewhat unusual assortment of OEM Radio tracks we also found on Soundcloud. Please support the artists and labels that make this music available to all of us!

Rena Jones – Echoes LP

Rena Jones brings a new full length EP to OEM Radio: Echoes…

A crowd-funded production that we heartily supported (and asked you to do the same), Rena Jones was able to twist the dial on this record, bringing in collaborators drums, modular synth, piano, and woodwinds. This has given a substantially different dimension to Rena’s compositional work, hitherto done on her own. Her last outing, Indra’s Web, really shined, but we think this marks a rich new sound for the talented instrumentalist and producer.

Check out the album in the player below, which contains all 10 tracks:

Or for you visual learners out there:

Here’s the crowd-source pitch movie, which shows the artist playing and discussing the album in her own words:

New Artist: Marconi Union

We are completely over the moon that we are able to introduce you to an amazing ambient band called Marconi Union.

Originally a duo consisting of electronics and guitar, they are now a trio that includes (acoustic) percussion. We have added the entirety of 7 of their 8 albums to the OEM Radio library. It’s difficult to articulate just how deeply resounding their work is, so we would just like to introduce you to a number of their pieces.

These European Cities (from Distance)

Breathing Retake (from Beautifully Falling Apart – Ambient Transmissions vol. 1)

Time Lapse (from Different Colours)

Weightless pt. 2 (from Weightless – Ambient Transmissions vol. 2)

Hinterland (from A Lost Connection)

First Light (from Different Colours)

We Travel (from A Lost Connection)