Kalya Scintilla – Eloquent Expansion

New glitchy-ethno-snarly-gypsy-funk from our favorite Australian producer.

Kalya Scintilla – Eloquent Expansion

Nice little 5 track EP with more of the multi-genre madness you’ve come to expect. At all times psychedelic and funky.  Just listen:


(Note that the player below contains all 5 tracks!)



Eskmo – Terra EP

New offering from strange-beat smith Eskmo.

Eskmo really forced our hand a few years ago to begin considering dubstep for the OEM Radio library. His approach to crafting dubstep is totally unique as far as we’re concerned, utilizing largely acoustic elements and truly composing songs rather than programming tracks. Often times, you can’t really say it sounds like dubstep, or any specific genre–which is how you know you’re hearing something special.  Enjoy these cuts from his new EP, then go buy it (name your price) at Eskmo’s site!


Deep Sea

Push and Pull

We Are All Terrestrial

New Artist – Ambinate

Frankly, we can’t believe the amount of free ultra-high quality music people have been putting out.  We are very pleased to introduce you to this artist who hails from New Jersey and makes his music available for free or donation. Everything he puts out is unassuming but compelling.

NOTE: Each of the players below has 4 tracks each, we encourage you to listen to all the music!

No Matter EP features four tracks of spacious ambient downtempo. (free download)

Horizon EP is another 4-track affair that falls within the realm of ambient dubstep with delicate pads and steady rhythms.  (free download)

Cycles EP is another ambient dubstep EP with some interesting excursions into syncopation and other more abstract techniques. (free download)

Transitory EP is more of the same awesome stuff, but different.  (we’re running out of descriptors, just go download this damn thing).

Introducing: Cut Records

Cut Records is an amazing new(-ish) netlabel that we ran across recently. Cut is the pet project of the head of Echodub Records (more on them another time…) and artist DFRNT. Like its netlabel predessors, Cut is not hung up on genre labels and distributes all of its music for free (or donation). Unlike most other netlabels, Cut is singularly focused on quality. This bears mentioning because most netlabels release virtually anything, regardless of quality. We are happy to report that nearly 80% of the Cut catalogue has been included in the OEM Radio library; a level of extraordinary attention to quality that we have not found in any other netlabel (even Thinner, our favorite, now defunct, netlabel).

Please regard these amazing sounds, and feel free to hit them up and devour their music (for free or donation):

Each player below contains multiple tracks, check them all out.

DFRNT – High Friends in Places EP

Rain Dog – See Hear EP

Existance – Miles Apart EP

DFRNT – Actaeon EP

Theftt – Primer EP

V/A – Cut Volume 1

∑-fly – Tetrachrome EP

New Artist: ∑-fly (Sigmafly)

We want to introduce you to an extremely talented artist, ∑-fly (Sigmafly)

Tetrachrome EP (free download)

We stumbled across Tom Holmes’s Tetrachrome EP on Cut Music, a wonderful free-release netlabel (more on them soon). Features four originals and two remixers. Utterly remarkable ambient dub/dubstep, take a listen:

You can download this EP for free or name-your-price.

This just got us hungry for more material, and we managed to find some other free releases by ∑-fly:

Tides EP (free download)

Wonderful 3-track EP, definitely check out track 2: Waking Dream.

Oddities (free download)

Bering Strait – Apart

Very pleased to add this entire (short) LP to the OEM Radio library from the aforementioned Apollo Records. Bering Strait aka Jack Lever is a young producers hailing from Manchester, England. Apart is some of the best beat-laden ambient music we’ve heard in a long time.  Definitely check out Apart and Surya.

Here is a set of 3 minute samples from each track on the LP:

Apart official video