Radio Free Clear Light – The Labyrinth Of Ohgel

I know, when I saw The Labyrinth Of Ohgel, I thought it was an AD&D book or something too.

In fact, this is a deep rhythmic ambient album with a lot of surprising turns. Dark ambient dub may be the only way to characterize this collection of spacious, thematic songs. This is at times a very challenging record that can not be listened to passively. The group includes vocalists, instrumentalists, and a healthy dose of freeform composition.


Unfortunately, we can’t link to any samples of the album, but you can hear samples at the CD Baby release page.  Barring that, check out these intense live performances circa 2007:

Phortran – conjurations

Phortran’s actually been in the OEM Radio library for more than 6 years now. He was one of the earlier independent artists we worked with who wasn’t signed to any label. Soundcloud and Bandcamp have helped him increase exposure to a wider audience.

Phortran – conjurations

Sadly, the term future-jazz has already been used and overexposed–squandered perhaps on a litany of stilted broken beat releases 10 years ago. Conjurations bends the term back around on itself with funky little microrhythms, keys, and horns all warmed over with just a bit of lo-fi fuzziness.

The entire album is recommended, but here are some high points:

This album is available for Name Your Price (including free) at Bandcamp.


Indigo – Celestial EP

We were recently plugged into Apollo Records, an ambient imprint from the venerable techno label R&S Records — now celebrating its 30th year.

We really enjoyed this 4 track EP from Indigo and added it to the OEM Radio library. It features two ambient-dub songs (Sea of Stars and Sunrise), a slow 4/4 thumper (Azha), and a cinematic ambient track to cap it off (Keerthana).

Celestial EP (in its entirety)

Sunrise (official video)

Purchase can be made at iTunes or Beatport.

Chris Randall – electromechanical

Experiments in electronic/acoustic music we found while crate digging on Bandcamp…

Chris Randall – electromechanical

We found this release while randomly trolling through bandcamp for new interesting music. We’re always looking to keep a counterbalance to the lush instrumentation found in heaps of the downtempo music we add to OEM Radio.  A certain percentage of IDM and clever experimental music provides that balance. Chris Randall’s tight little compositions cover territory in IDM, microtechno (flitter) and even a clicky piano ballad (electrodos) using both acoustic instruments as well as MAX/MSP software modules.

This EP is available for $1.00 (or name your price) at Bandcamp.

Jen Lusker – Poignant Affair / Find Your Way

We found these lovely tracks by Jen Lusker while trolling Soundcloud for new music. These tracks found a home in a single release on Konque, a relatively inactive label that also features David Last.

Delicate and compelling, both of these minimal movers are heady little jams.

You can purchase these tracks digitally at Beatport.

Jen told us she’s recently back to production-mode, so we hope to hear more amazing sounds from her soon…

If anyone has a connection to Konque Records, contact us because we’d like to get more of their catalogue into the OEM Radio library.

Hibernation – Second Nature

The latest release from Interchill Records sounds like a wonderful mix of styles and moods…

Hibernation – Second Nature

Seb Taylor will be well known to psychill and ethno heads as the mind behind fantastic music from Kaya Project and Angel Tears. Second Nature is a pleasant departure from the ethno-groove of the aforementioned projects and contains a wide array of sounds: jazz, dub, and even a twinge of dubstep. We love this record because each song has its own unique sound. The composition and production quality is top-notch, as one would expect, and it’s wonderful to hear those talents applied to these different creative excursions. One of our favorites is Dreamstep (check it out below)…

This LP is available in CD and digital formats via Interchill Records.