Our recent friend from Greece, Kostas from Consciousness Federation has put out an album with a new project that we want you to hear.

Like Kostas’s earlier work, the songs on this album build, move, and climax over a long arc. The addition of contemplative piano and guitar pieces create a deep and dramatic tone. This is what an updated Saafi Brothers album might sound like in the year 2013 (without the heavy psychedelics).

Enjoy these selections from the album.

You can download three of the songs for free at the group’s Soundcloud page.

Motionfield – a sort of homecoming

We’ve been adding a lot of beat-laden ambient lately it seems…

We were introduced to Motionfield by Evan Bluetech’s (sadly) now-defunct ambient label Somnia Sound that put out limited edition releases in beautifully made (possibly hand crafted, printed, and sewn) disc sleeves. I wish I could point you to a place to get that album, Optical Flow, because it is god damned amazing—but it’s out of print and has no online distribution.

In any case, Petter Frieberg aka Motionfield got in touch to send us his new album a sort of homecoming, which is out on his own label called Autoload.

It’s hard to describe this album, but it’s something close to waking up in a morphine-induced dreamland. Ambiences float past you while with melodies that absorb directly into your heart – while slow delicate rhythms that have perfectly rounded edges pull you to the next amazing destination.

Listen for yourself!

(sadly this is the only sample we could find online…)

New Artist: Robert Rich

Not new really at all. We worked with Robert on a couple of concerts in the San Francisco area about 10 years ago. Frankly, I’m not certain why we have’t dove into his rather expansive catalogue for OEM Radio until now.

In short, Robert Rich was one of the standout artists in the post-Eno period of ambient music. He was known in the ambient scene in the 1980’s for giving 8-hour long “sleep concerts”, which are self-explanatory. Robert takes an intellectual tack to making music, but the results are surprisingly visceral. Much of Robert’s work isn’t suited for our internet radio format—long, heady, slow music—though it’s wonderful just the same. However, we managed to find some selections from several of his albums that we love and will add some surprising character to the OEM Radio library—including these songs and more…

Djunya / Janover – Quanta

Surprising new EP out from Muti Music…

Dubstep is really a slippery slope. It is true there have been some extremely innovative and interesting dubstep releases in the past—especially minimal dubstep. However, dubstep is typically too abrasive, atonal, amusical, and frankly, offensive to devote any airtime to.

While we have put some music that has elements of dubstep into the OEM Radio library, this is a bit of a deeper foray for us. Djunya is well known to the dubstep community for  meaty releases all over the place. Janover is well known as a monster instrumentalist (most notably the hammer dulcimer) that has participated in all kinds of interesting electronic acoustic projects including Zilla and Sporque. Enter Djunya / Janover.

This is what we really love about acoustic music interwoven with electronic music. Both sides are aware of each other – there is interplay between them. The song Vast alternately has Janovers hammer dulcimer spewing out rhythm and melody over the synthesizer pads before the two sides come together in tight rhythm. We managed to find a shareable version of Conduit, so enjoy…

You can purchase this EP in digital formats at Addictech. Highly recommended.

Bryan Carrigan – Windows

Our downtempo revivalist friend Bryan Carrigan released an ambient album recently…

A bit of a departure from his last two releases, which contained a slew of really prime driving melodic downtempo that really turned our head, Windows is a beatless ambient album. Without falling into the trap of new age sounds, Windows explores wide soundscapes and keeps the listener engaged the entire time.  Enjoy these 4 songs we specially selected for OEM Radio…

Aes Dana – Pollen

aes dana pollenOne of Ultimae Records‘ flagship arists, Aes Dana, is back with his latest album, Pollen. You are likely to get what you expect from this record: cinematic music that shifts between frenetic, complex elements and reductive abstractions. Aes Dana has a love for frenetic syncopations that build and rollover into a familiar slow 4/4 trance pulse. More so than his previous albums, Aes Dana has allowed himself a lot of room for experimental deviations. Pollen contains some very surprising moments including the opener, Jetlag Corporation which is almost an ambient IDM piece with off balance staccato beat. Another surprising song of note is Low Tide Explorations, an 11 minute piece of that vacillates between ambiences and intense rhythmic tangents.

The album should be taken in whole, as it builds and moves between experimental dalliances, slow 4/4 trance pieces, midtempo trance pieces, and ambient motions – somehow woven into an alchemical, cohesive narrative. The results are stunning. The sum of this album is far deeper and greater than these words can illustrate, so please dig in for yourself:

Jetlag Corporation

Low Tide Explorations


Horizontal Rain

Album Sampler