Happy New Year from OEM Radio!

Happy New Year from Original Electronic Music Radio!

Tune in to OEM Radio during your NYE festivities whenever a mellow atmosphere is required: pre-party, midnight, after-party, New Years Day brunch.

We will have a whole slew of fantastic new and interesting music debuting in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned, and have a safe and happy NYE!

December Downtempo Minimix

Please enjoy this set of downtempo tracks, all of which can be heard on OEM Radio, but are conveniently arranged into a little minimix courtesy of SoundCloud!

Thanks to our participating artists, and Ryan M. for the idea to make SoundCloud mixes! Please support the artists by buying discs or downloads, and attending live events!

Fantastic marketing…

This is certainly NOT the sort of music you’re likely to hear on OEM Radio, but I wanted to thank Gabriella De Fazio for sending in her record. We recognize pure marketing genius when we see it.

If you happen to be into slick-produced European dance music, check out her label Morenloud Records.

Cheers, Gabi.