Krusseldorf – From Soil to Space

This is another Aleph-Zero Records release that’s been sitting on the shelf for a little bit, regrettably…

Krusseldorf – From Soil to Space

This album is an interesting outing that has the label’s hallmark crystalline sound but departs from the “psy-dub” trappings of earlier A-0 releases.  No two songs sound alike…it’s difficult to pin down the sound down into words, so just take a listen:

Soe Doe

A Head Under the Towel


Radio Ultimae is back on iTunes!

Our sister station, Radio Ultimae is back on the iTunes Radio directory listing.  Radio Ultimae suffered from the same glitch that made OEM Radio vanish from the listings a couple of weeks ago.  We manage both Radio Ultimae and OEM Radio, and as you may know, there’s a little bit of crossover.  Ultimae Records is one of our label partners, and we have a large amount of their music in the OEM Library.

We started Radio Ultimae a few years ago because we felt the label’s catalogue offered a uniquely pleasant soundtrack to life.  This station features only music from Ultimae Records: single tracks, but also full albums which are almost always mixed cohesively. The label many amazing compilations including two series (Fahrenheit Project and Oxycanta), as well as full albums from the label’s flagship artists: Solar Fields, Aes Dana, Cell, Carbon Based Lifeforms, and Sync24.

Radio Ultimae offers a wonderful soundtrack to all of life’s experiences whether they are nominal or sublime.  Check it out:

How to tune in:

iTunes > Radio > Ambient > Radio Ultimae


Click this link for the direct stream

New Artist: The Apollo Offensive

This chap Ryan Duckworth from Australia sent some music in, and we were really pleased with it, so we added a bunch of tracks from his two albums and some new unreleased stuff…

The Apollo Offensive

The first (eponymous) album is really something special: rhythm-heavy electronica with a lot of attention paid to melody.  Standout tracks include Blunt Trauma and Party at the Moontower (Dazed and Confused reference noted, sir).  This album is “name your price” even if your price is “free.”

The second album, Signals & Synapses was a bit more challenging.  This work is produced with the occasional collaboration of a dubstep artist.  So sometimes the tracks spin out of control (in my opinion anyways) with unnecessarily flubbery basslines and 1/2 time jungle rhythms.  That said, we grabbed some tracks from this album that perhaps not have made it in if we hadn’t heard the other album first…  The quality of production and raw talent were plainly evident, despite my distaste for the dubstep elements.  This album has a darker intonation, but the adept use of melodies comes through on nearly every song.  This album is $5.00.

Here’s a video of one of his newest songs that we also added to the library, Ghosting.  A moody little ditty, indeed…  (More similar to the work from Signals & Synapses rather than the first album).