Sync24 – Comfortable Void

This one took a long time to post because I got lost in some sort of aural K-hole listening to this album on repeat.

I’ll be honest with you.  I don’t really know what the true difference between Carbon Based Lifeforms and Sync24 is, from a musical perspective.  In any case, Daniel Segerstad’s solo work as Sync24 is strong as ever: thematic, driving, spacious, experiemental, and truly sublime.  The only thing that’s a shame about this album is that I can’t play it for you on OEM in whole.  It is a cinematic story told in sequences, synths, guitar arpeggiations, whispers, and robotic spasms.  This album is a true joy from one of the strongest members of the Ultimae Records roster.

This album is released by Ultimae Records, and is available as digital download or Digi-pak CD with beautiful artwork (as always…)

Here’s a gorgeous multimedia preview of the album:

Here is the full cut of Dance of the Droids:

The full 10+ minutes of Oomph:

Here is the full cut of Inadvertent from the album:

And finally, Something Something:

Consciousness Federation – Nocturnal EP

The guys Kostas and Kostas from Greece are back with a quick 2 track EP.

Consciousness Federation is one of our newer favorite finds.  The sound sort of reminds one of the Saafi Brothers’ work, but a little less severe.  The rhythms move along at a clip, but the songs are not rushed: the songs are long, build over time, and always stay true to their titular themes.  You could just as easy hear these songs in an off-beat science-fiction movie as much as the back room of a party.

This EP is released by Uxmal Records and available for digital download at Beatport.

Listen to the title track here:

Listen to the flip side of the EP here:

And just for kicks because when we featured them earlier in the year, it never occurred to me to embed youtube videos… A recording of the band performing live:

We’re back on iTunes radio!

We are back on the iTunes radio directory under Electronica!  Thanks to Kate for letting us know and to Elisa-Marie from the iTunes Radio desk for sorting us out!

Radio Ultimae, our sister station, is still lost in translation but we’ll let you know when that one is listed again.

As always, you can tune-in a number of ways.  Enjoy!

UPDATED: New Artist: Kalya Scintilla

UPDATE:  Youtube videos below!

I don’t even know where to start with this guy.  I’ve been a fan of his for over a year when I caught a listen to some of his early work over at Bandcamp.  This dude’s sound is a slight nod to a lot of different sounds I really enjoy: dark psychedelic dub, gypsy-style strings and percussion, downtempo beats, midtempo beats, a little bit of Bluetech, a little bit of Tipper.  It’s all good; never too much of one style or sound, and put together masterfully.  This is really enjoyable, original music.


Kayla Scintilla does stray occasionally into dubstep, but with the above mentioned musical sensibilities, which I can respect.  I don’t hold it against him.

I recommend getting all of this dude’s stuff.  It’s all for sale via his Bandcamp page at super-reasonable prices.

Andreilien – Dub Iteration

The return of Heyoka, but under a new name.  Same crazy psychedelic funk-dub, just a hair short of total madness.

I watched Andrei come up in the SF chillout scene. I remember him playing us some of his earliest music production experiments, in 2003?  I feel like his newest effort really reigns in the listless, maybe frenetic pace marked by his earlier work with a keener eye on composition, but without losing his characteristic bouncy, fun-loving sound.  This isn’t music that has to be taken seriously, it’s meant to be enjoyed at a really visceral level.

Dub Iteration was released by Muti Music, and is available at Addictech for digital download.

Here’s a video of the title track:


And a live video from his performance at Symbiosis 2012:

UPDATED: Bluetech – Rainforest Reverberation

UPDATE:  You can listen to a lot of these songs on Youtube… ENJOY: SEE BELOW

For as long as I’ve known him, 8 years I guess, Bluetech has intrigued me as a quiet intellectual.  When we talk books, he’s always reading some seriously heady shit.  He’s always been singly interested in where his music takes people, rather than where it takes him.  I think he’s totally uninterested/disenchanted in the business of music, and just wants to make music.  This is partially evidenced by that fact that 100% of the proceeds from his latest album go to end deforestation and other horrible shit going on in the Amazon.

Bluetech – Rainforest Reverberation

Another great record from Evan Bluetech that is bookended with incantations from Eye Ladyapples.  Solid next-wave Bluetech songs with some very interesting remixes sprinkled in from Kilowatts, Kayla Scintilla, and Mr. Bill.  One exceptional standout from the assorted offerings is the sublime Avatar of the Horticult.  This song feels like being gently pulled through an overgrown field in late summer, and it clocks in at over 9 minutes.   I love what Evan’s doing here both aurally and metaphysically with the album release.  Pick it up, and join in with a small philanthropic effort.

I also recommend seeing Bluetech perform live.  Very few electronic musicians can really move perform downtempo and midtempo music well, and he is at the top of the heap.

No love from iTunes; Tune in anyways!

Bad news if you’re used to finding us in the iTunes Radio directory: we got dumped from the listings.  Good news if you still want to listen to OEM Radio:  You can tune in several other different ways:  CLICK HERE to find out how!


We’re trying to figure out what happened and remedy the situation.  We get about 1/2 our listenership through the iTunes Radio directory, so we hope you’ll stick with us!