Mahindra Waves – Morphogenesis

I try to keep the amount of beatless ambient tracks in the OEM Radio library to under 3% of the total.  This is to keep you from getting stuck in a droning swirling trance for hours while you’re at work, or getting prepped for a night out.  However, a nice spaced-out ambience every once in a while is good for the random selection that comprises OEM Radio.

Thus, we bring you deep and subtle space-ambient music from Greece…

Mahindra Waves – Morphogenesis

Mahindra Waves is the side project of Kostas Loukovikas from Consciousness Federation (that group we featured last week).  Morphogenesis comprises 6 deep space ambient tracks.  We grabbed 4 of them for OEM Radio, and are very happy to add them for your future listening pleasure.  For the instant-gratification set, the album isn’t released, but you can stream the tracks from the artist’s soundcloud page.

Get ready for spaced-out ambient drones laced with acoustic accompaniment and salient themes.

Catching up with: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk is an band we are familiar with through the venerable (but perhaps extinct) Thinner Records.  I recently heard a few of their songs on OEM from the Eingang nach draußen LP (FREE DOWNLOAD, go get it!) which is nothing but solid downtempo jammies underpinning that German minimal dub that we dig so much.

In any case, I decided to check back in with Das Kraftfuttermischwerk and see what they’d been up to since I last heard from them (the Blüte seines Lebens EP, also on Thinner, and also FREE DOWNLOAD)….

Turns out Das Kraftfuttermischwerk have been rather busy, and put out several vinyls and self releases.  (Click the album covers for free downloads)

Im Garten der Schneekugel, released for free in 2009 on the netlabel Kahvi Collective is an LP packed with midtempo ditties as well as slower dubbed out jams.  Nearly the entire album is going into the OEM library.

Grabbed a handful of tracks each from Am Ende der Kirschallee (2010), and  Kleines Ganzes (2012).  Both of these albums create interesting sound-spaces, but have a lot of songs in that lend more to dubstep (although a German super-dubbed out minimalist version) than I can handle for OEM Radio.  Never the less, both are wonderful records and worth taking a listen to (both for free download!)

Catch up with Das Kraftfuttermischwerk and a lot of other fantastic free music on their website (warning: it’s in German).

New Artist: Consciousness Federation

A band from Greece sent in some music, and it gave me a bit of nostalgia for spacey psychedelic dubs…

Consciousness Federation is a band made up of two chaps named Kostas and Kostas.

Their first LP Plasma was released on a Plusquam sublabel imprint back in 2008.  We grabbed 5 tracks from this one, sounds which really reminds me of a cross between Solar Fields, Shulman, and Saafi Brothers (…anyone remember those guys?).  Beyond the Exosphere is a slow building stompy number with rising arpeggiations that bleeds rhythmic tension off until a gentle landing.  This is the track that clued me in that I needed to pay more attention to the tracks (rather then tapping through them).  Another notable track on this one is Without a Shape, which might be an entry on a more modern Blade Runner soundtrack; it’s slow and moody, deliberate and slightly haunting.

Two EPs also came in: Terrestrial Intelligence and Extrospection, both containing more recent work… I grabbed several tracks from them for the OEM library.  Extrospection in particular has two stunning pieces, Causes and Effects, and The Creation of Morning Light.

Consciousness Federation has a knack for long compositions with slow builds, odd accents, and layered textures: both in the rhythm section and the leads.  This is music that you can either dial your mind into to pick apart the layered complexities, or let your mind go a little bit and let it wash over you for a more visceral experience.

Ultimae Records: V/A Compilation – Greenosophy

Just in from Ultimae Records, a new compilation…Added nearly all of the tracks from this one to the OEM Radio library…

Various Artists – Greenosophy

Ultimae has branched out in the last couple of years by having friends to the label program compilations, and with real success.  First there was Imaginary Friends (a delicate IDM-ish ambient record), and more recently Ambrosia, which featured primarily Greek artists.

Now comes Greenosophy compiled by Cyril Miserez aka mizoo.  This compilation starts off with a gentle ambient bookend, and eases into some rhythms.  Track 04 begins to prep you for the spike in the middle of the record, a minimal progressive trance space-out.  Cinematic?  Ultimae?  Yes and, of course.  Entries from Tripswitch, Solar Fields, and Sensen give you the punchy songs that structure the album’s peak before three songs from Mitek, James Murray, and Cygna gently leave you off where you started; an ambient (and at times, organic) head space.

An interesting compilation from the Ultimae library, both from the narrative perspective and also the richness of the individual songs.  The monster entry on this compilation comes from label stablemate Cell, a song called Idea Spiral, a 12 minute edit from a live performance that is long and slow and builds into something that really grips you; a really emotional track that turns around and peaks in doubletime at the end.

Tama (Mali) – Snimbe (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

A new single from False Profit Records just came in.  It’s dope, and we hustled it straight into the OEM library…

 Tama (Mali) – Snimbe (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

The Polish Ambassador’s remix of Tama’s Snimbe, an African ballad enmeshed with a slinky downtempo beat and deep chest frazzle-bass …

Grab it FREE right now at False Profit Records

Also, here’s the video:

Keratordash – Desound

Some Russian folks sent this one in (through the new site, thanks!)…

Keratordash – Desound

Desound is an IDM album from Russia, sort of a mixed bag of edgy rhythms with varied types of synth instrumentation, and at times haunting piano riffs.  From song to song, the album really goes in all kinds of directions.  We picked a couple nice ambient-ish songs for the OEM library:  When Worlds Collide, and At the Edge.

I couldn’t commit to any of the more adventurous tracks for OEM not because I didn’t care for them, but because I wasn’t sure they’d piece into the overall sound of the station.  That notwithstanding, this is an interesting album with a wide range of moods.  It’s available for download for $1.00, so why the hell not?


Listening to the album again while writing this post, I realized I had to add another track to the library, Ben Drowned.  A song with haunting piano dalliances and crunchy IDM stuttering syncopated beats.