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Akin – Ghost Orchid

Another gem from out of the UK from Apollo Records by an artist named Akin. This EP is marked with deep ambiences and a range of beat styles (from driving downbeat, to clever and tactile 2-step movers).

Grab it on Bleep, Boomkat, or Amazon MP3. Or iTunes if you must.

Sample 2-minute cuts of these lovely wares below courtesey of the soundcloud player:

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Krusseldorf – Fractal World

Quiet but prolific studio producer Krusseldorf brings us his new(-ish) LP called Fractal World. This self-released album is a wonderful straight-through listen comprised of a lot of spacedub style jams. This is delicate music made with beautiful melodies and precision rhythms. We really dig Krusseldorf’s attention to melody and mood, our favorites on this album are Midnight Glitching and Rain Across the Gemini.

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Fedbymachines – Abyss EP

Good news/Good noise coming out of Cut Records: their 21st release by Fedbymachines is a splended spacious head trip!

Cut recently went to a monthly subscription model to support itself, but we subscribed in a heartbeat because we know the quality of their past releases. For $1/mo, you get a new EP at the start of every month like clockwork; we have no issues shilling for this service. Curated by the prolific UK producer DFRNT, Cut has an established track record for putting out interesting electronic music that blithely hovers between sublime and gritty; staying original and experimental all the way.

The Abyss EP floats on ambient-future garage themes with (what we hear as) an old-school IDM undercurrent.

Seriously consider subscribing to Cut, and you’ll get an EP every month, with what we consider to be a 90% hit rate. (Note that this was the June release and obviously we’re running behind on blogging new additions to the rotation)

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Bluetech – Basement Dubs & Cosmic Dubs

Two (fairly) new EPs from our man Bluetech! Doing what he does best, these EPs were crafted in his new dub hideaway somewhere on an Hawaiian island. You know you’re going to get some beautifully arranged, spacious space-dub. Cosmic Dubs mostly attends to the slow head-nodding dubspace with one mid-tempo dancefloor mover (Wandering Spirits). Basement Dubs gives you three originals and three remixes of the likes of Abakus and Adham Shaikh, and Midnight Sound Service. Proceeds from these EPs will go to Bluetech’s efforts towards building a completely self-sustaining music studio in Hawaii.


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Grenier meets Archie Pelago

Very excited to introduce this wonderful new collaboration out on Melodic Records UK to you and OEM Radio. Archie Pelago is a three-man outfit originally from San Francisco now residing in Brooklyn and Grenier also hails from SF. The intersection of these two outfits has resulted in a stunning album that runs bleeds organic strings, horns, and drums that work alongside slick moving beats and throbbing bass. Compelling music that’s good for the head as well as the hips. You can stream the entire album over at XLR8R (thanks!), but definitely pick it up for yourself.  

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Radio Ultimae is back online!

As many of you know, we also run and manage Radio Ultimae, which streams music exclusively from the Ultimae Records catalogue. We took it off line when we had to move streaming servers, but the label has recommitted to the station, so we are happy to tell you that it’s back up!

Ultimae’s catalogue includes 64 releases since 2001. They have etched out a particular sound that has certainly evolved over the years, but stays true to its cinematic and spacious sound. Their dedication to this sound makes their catalogue a non-stop mellow head-trip when mixed together and streamed. Radio Ultimae features songs from the entire catalogue as well as entire albums that are mixed together. Usually we can’t even tell the difference.

Here’s some tune-in instructions:

iTunes > Music > Internet > Ambient > Radio Ultimae



Or for non-iTunes users:


There will be a web-based player soon…stay tuned!

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Sean Piñeiro – Saved Once Twice

Saved Once Twice is not doomed to the typical trappings of heavily sample-based music—namely derivativeness. Sean Piñeiro has created an interesting and compelling work comprised of 14 little vignettes that range from haunting to wistful. The production sounds like it blends a lot of clever techniques, and at times sounds almost like a maximalist version of Murcof.

The LP comes out on June 23 on Christian Löffler’s Ki Records. Enjoy a couple of cuts from the album below:

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